Events and Concerts

Turntable Basics

by Michael Fremer

When:  Friday @ 12PM

Where:  Garden Room I


Advanced Turntable Setup

by Michael Fremer

When:  Sunday @ 12PM

Where:  Garden Room I

Exotic Car Show


Where:  Plaza Harbor


Discover some wonderful exotic cars that you have never had the chance to see before



Meet the Loudspeaker Designers


with Andrew Jones, Holger Stein and Richard Vandersteen

When:  Saturday @ 4PM

Where:  Garden Room I

Meet the Editors


with David Robinson, Robert Harley, Marc Phillips and Michael Fremer

When:  Saturday @ 2PM

Where:  Garden Room I


Music Steaming Ecosystem


with Angela Cardas, David Solomon, Joel Mark and Phil Baker

When:  Friday @ 4PM and Saturday @ 12pm

Where:  Garden Room I

All Seminars in GARDEN ROOM I