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              Friday January 14th                   11am to 8m

              Saturday January 15th             10am to 6pm

              Sunday January 16th                10am to 5pm




              Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
                   1107  Jamboree rd
                   Newport Beach, CA 92660



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AudioCon Los Angeles

Contact Information

Exhibitor/Visitor Information: 

  Sarah Tremblay, Executive Producer Show

     P: 1-514-267-6231


Press Queries:

    Michel Plante, Executive Producer Show

     P: 1-514-267-8231





     YK Lee, Executive Producer Seminars

     P: 1-626-864-2057


     Judy Wong Lee, Executive Producer Seminars

      P: 1-626-278-0505


Luxury Sports Car Show:

     Rick Reus, Executive Producer Car Show

      P: 1-714-928-9606


Bob Levi, Society Chairman

P: 1-404-290-2424


Mike Wechsberg, Society President & CEO

P: 1-714-906-9780